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Assumption of The B. V. M Province

General Administration

Composition of the General Regime

The General Regime is elected every six years by the General Assembly, in which the confreres who represent the various Pallottine communities in the world participate.

The current General Regime was elected in October 2016. The core of the General Regime is constituted by the General Council, which is made up of the Rector General and four Consultors. Each of the five members of the General Council represents one of the main languages ​​or geographical and cultural regions of the Society. A representative of German, Polish, French-Italian, English and Portuguese-Spanish belongs to the current General Council.

In addition to the General Council, the Attorney General, the Secretary General and the General Treasurer belong to the General Regime. The Attorney General for the contacts of the Society with the Holy See, the Secretary General for the ordinary functioning of the Regime and the General Treasurer for the administration of the material assets and finances of the Society are responsible.

Rettore Generale
D. Jacob Nampudakam

Consultori Generali
D. Józef Lasak
D. Martin Manus
D. Denilson Geraldo
D. Romuald Uzabumwana (dal 30.05.2018)
D. Jean Bertrand Etoundi (+ 27.04.2018)

Procuratore Generale
D. Adam Golec

Economo Generale
D. Gerald Dwyer

Segretario Generale
D. Ernesto Varela