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Assumption of The B. V. M Province

Pallottine Kream Centre

PALLOTTINE KREAM CENTRE (PKC) of ABVM Province of the Pallottines in India exists to give special focus on networking with its over 200 members who are actively engaged in educational, charitable and developmental works in urban and rural areas of 5 states (Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Karnataka, Western Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu in India.

KREAM stands for:
Knowledge, Rehabilitation, Empowerment, and Awareness for the Marginalized”

With its headquarters in Bangalore, PALLOTTINE KREAM CENTRE (PKC) functions as the coordinating centre for welfare, developmental and educational activities of the members who belong to ABVM Province of the Pallottines in India. The programmes and all developmental activities of the centre are guided and monitored by ABVM Provincial administration.


  • Education and nutrition for the underprivileged children
  • Livelihood generation and family development for the disadvantaged

PKC is presently managed by the Provincial administration with a Programme Coordinator along with Field Coordinators in Pallottine parishes and Mission stations spread out in various dioceses in the above mentioned states of India.

PKC reaches out to over 20000 households, 30 parishes and Mission stations, 600 villages/slums, 20 dioceses, 5 States in India.


  • Increase the number of underprivileged children, especially girls, accessing basic education through Sponsorship programme.
  • Increase the number of underprivileged young people accessing financial support for higher education.
  • Strengthen Rehabilitation of the HIV AIDS infected and affected, street children, the disabled, mentally retarded people, the aged persons, the destitute and alcoholics through institutional care.
  • Empower women, youth and the marginalized families through trainings and action oriented programmes.
  • Improve the earning capacity of unemployed young people through skill enhancement trainings
  • Increase awareness among the marginalized on fundamental human rights, environment, need for financial inclusion etc. through trainings.
  • Coordinate and support income generating activities for the economically underprivileged families.
  • Increase the capacity of individuals and groups engaged in social activities through trainings.
  • Enhance the quality of coordination, assessment, guidance, monitoring and reporting of welfare, rehabilitation, educational, skill training, sanitation, housing, environmental and other developmental programmes within the network of parishes and institutions managed by priests who belong to ABVM Province.


Pallottine Fathers of ABVM Province are presently engaged in the following activities in India:

  • Child sponsorship for education and nutrition
  • Promotion of education for quarry workers’ children
  • Scholarship for higher/technical education of underprivileged youth
  • Rehabilitation home and education for street children
  • Children’s home
  • Home for the aged and the destitute
  • Rehabilitation Center for the HIV/AIDS infected and affected
  • Skill training for the unemployed women/youth
  • Animal husbandry for income generation
  • Community based rehabilitation of the disabled
  • Women empowerment

Fund constraints limit the number of our welfare, educational and developmental works and the areas we are engaged in. With the increasing number of the marginalized families and their need for better life, PKC wants to reach out to more underprivileged children and economically backward households in unreached urban and rural areas in our operational area.

We are sure that your support and collaboration with the Pallottines of ABVM Province for welfare, developmental, and educational programmes for children and the underprivileged families can change many lives for better in India.

Assumption house, P.B. No. 4321, Kalyan Nagar Post,
Bangalore-560 043
Karnataka, India.
Phone: 080-25440930
Email: pkcbangalore@gmail.com