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Assumption of The B. V. M Province


6th Ordinary Provincial Assembly of ABVM Province, Bangalore

It is with joy and profound gratitude to God that this historical Assembly of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Province, Bangalore, sends out this message to all the members of the Province. It is elating to see that the proceedings of the Assembly went in a fraternal manner, enriching each other by dialogue and a process of discernment. The guidance of the Holy Spirit was felt in every moment of the Assembly.

As it was evident from the preparation that preceded this momentous gathering, the major issue for deliberation was the Transformation of the ABVM Province into different entities. The members of this Assembly are convinced that the whole process of transformation that went before and the events during the Assembly were led by the spirit of charity and fraternity. All the opinions of all the members may not have reached the culmination; however, God knows what is best for the Province and for the Pallottine World! None of us should be dour, discontented and dissatisfied, for the Lord assures, “do not fear,… I will strengthen you and help you!” (Is. 41: 10). Like everyone else, we have our troubles, our dark nights of the soul, our disappointments and infirmities, our experience of slowing down as we grow older. But in all these things we should be able to discover “perfect joy,” as Holy Father Pope Francis exhorted the Consecrated. For, it is here that we learn to recognize the face of Christ, the Apostle of the Eternal Father, who became all things to all people.

The major decision that was made by this Assembly is ‘to decisively say that this is the opportune time for the Transformation of the ABVM Province’. It was not an easy decision to be made! Division always carries with it tints of the past, be it sentiments of belongingness or those of hurts. After all, we will remain Pallottines, as brothers to each other, even after the Transformation. This Assembly reaffirms that the transformation is a spiritual journey towards a brighter future, with possibilities of expanding the expression of Pallottine Charism through our apostolate. Another important recommendation made by this Provincial Assembly to the General Administration of the Society is the Model of Transformation. We are sure that the General Administration, with all its experience and led by the Spirit, will take this matter with utmost care and decide on the establishment of new entities. The guidelines that were formed by this Assembly would become foundation principles in this process.

This Assembly would like to place on record the presence of Very Rev. Fr. Jacob Nampudakam, the Rector General and the members of his council, all the sincere efforts made by the Provincial Administration and all the members involved both in preparation for the transformation of the Province and in making this Assembly more significant for the life and mission of the members of the Province. May Mary, Queen of Apostles, intercede for us and may the Lord ‘who began a good work in us, carry it on to completion’ (Cf. Phil 1:6).