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Assumption of The B. V. M Province


UAC Seminar

A two-day Seminar on UAC was held on September 22 and 23, 2015, at Assumption House, Bangalore. Fr. Thomas Vijay SAC, Coordinator for UAC formation in India, was the resource person. The UAC Coordinators of our Province and some representatives from Pallottine Sister Congregations attended this Seminar to understand the Pallottine foundation and analysed the prospects of UAC formation programmes for Asia. Provincial Very Rev. Fr. Pedro Camilo Simoes, in the concluding Eucharistic celebration, reiterated the responsibility of every member of the Union, in spite of the challenges and failures, to promote the vision of our Founder.

The Provincial met the UAC Coordinators of our Province on the sidelines of the Seminar to plan for the formation of UAC groups in every Pallottine parish of the Province by December 2016. To this effect, the Coordinators would visit the parishes and facilitate training sessions for the parishioners. Group training programmes for parishes in proximity and get-together of ex-Pallottines in different places are other recommendations to promote UAC. The next meeting of the UAC Coordinators of our Province is scheduled to be held on March 03, 2016 at Pallavaram, Chennai.